Product Weight and Conversions


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Instructor: Trichome Institute
Hours: 1
Prerequisites: None

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When dispensing or purchasing cannabis it is imperative to understand the different ways we measure product weight, and if applicable, potency conversions. The Trichome Institute has made it easy to understand the reasons for combining metric and avoirdupois measurement units and the potency conversions enacted for consumer safety and diversion prevention.


Upon completion students will…

  • Understand product weight standards.
  • Understand the importance of using the correct scale and maintaining calibrations.
  • Be able to convert from Metric units to Avoirdupois units and back.
  • Be able to accurately determine if a mixed product purchase exceeds the allowable weight limit for a cannabis purchase.
  • Be able to work with milligram quantities when selling edibles and infused products.



Section 1: The Metric/American Mash-up

Section 2: The Colorado Cannabis Weight Standard

Section 3: Budtenders Need to Know the Weight Units

Section 4: Scales and Calibrations

Section 5: Potency Conversions

Section 6: How Much Product Can You Sell

Section 7: Conversion Tables