Seeds and Seedlings


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Instructor: Jorge Cervantes
Hours: 1
Prerequisites: Grow BasicsNone

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Section 1: Seeds

Section 2: Seed Germination

Section 3: Water

Section 4: Temperature

Section 5: Air and Oxygen

Section 6: How to Germinate Seeds Step-by-Step

Section 7: Germinate Old and Stressed Seeds

Section 8: Germinate Hard Shelled Seeds

Section 9: How to Plant Seeds Step-by-Step

Section 10: Grow More Females from “Regular”Seed

Section 11: How to Help Ensure Female Seedlings

Section 12: Seedlings

Section 13: Finding Seeds

Section 14: Medical Gardeners

Section 15: Seeded Medical Cannabis

Section 16: Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Section 17: Legal Cannabis Seed Store

Section 18: Seed Ordering Security

Section 19: Seed Quantities and Pricing

Section 20: Storing Seeds