Lights and Electricity


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Instructor: Jorge Cervantes
Hours: 1
Prerequisites: Grow Basics

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From choosing the right lighting system to for your grow to rotating plants and generating electricity, this comprehensive course by Jorge Cervantes teaches students everything there is to know about cannabis grow lighting and electricity.


Section 1: Ultraviolet (UV-a, UV-b, UV-c)

Section 2: Light Intensity

Section 3: Measuring Light

Section 4: Photoperiod

Section 5: Indoor and Greenhouse Garden Lamps

Section 6: Rotating Plants

Section 7: Plant Spacing

Section 8: Reflective Hoods

Section 9: Light Movers

Section 10: Electricity and Safety

Section 11: Electrical Wiring and Circuits

Section 12: Electric Consumption

Section 13: Smart Meters

Section 14: Timers and Controllers

Section 15: Electric Generators