Cannabis Smoke and Vapor


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Instructor: Trichome Institute
Hours: 1
Prerequisites: None

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When it comes to consuming cannabis, most people think of smoking a joint or pipe filled with cannabis flower. Many people are simply unaware of the vast differences between cannabis variety types and how to properly dose and experiment with cannabis flower. Trichome has taken the time to break down complex subjects like cannabis time to effect, the mental and physical effects of cannabis, and how the plants effects can treat people differently. Additionally we dive into the differences between smoking, vaporizing, and what truly constitutes a “vape” pen.

Upon completion students will…

  • Be able to describe time to impairment with respect to many variables associated with smoking and vaporizing cannabis flower.
  • Be able to explain the variations in physical effects that a consumer may experience while consuming different variety types of cannabis.
  • Be able to discuss the variables that determine how one consumer might experience cannabis differently from another consumer.
  • Learn when and how to recommend experimentation to customers.



Section 1: Cannabis Flower: Smoking and Vaporizing

Section 2: Handheld Vaporizers and Vape Pens

Section 3: Timeline to Impairment for Inhaling Cannabis

Section 4: Cannabis’s Mental and Physical Effects

Section 5: Matching Strain to Effects: Listen to Your Consumer

Section 6: The Experimental Phase

Section 7: Everyone Is Different