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Instructor: Trichome Institute
Hours: 1
Prerequisites: None

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Cannabis edibles are one of the most interesting forms of cannabis consumption. Edibles provide a unique experience that is much stronger and longer lasting than consumption via inhalation. Cannabis edibles are unique in that the THC effects you experience come from a completely different type of THC than smoking cannabis flower. Understanding this and how to properly dose and become familiar with cannabis consumption are imperative to enjoyment by consumers.

Upon completion students will…

  • Know about various types of edibles and the differences between them.
  • Be able to discuss with customers and patients the benefits and potential dangers of edibles.
  • Learn the chemical differences between edibles and other cannabis products including the differences in time-to-effect, and effect types.
  • Understand how to recommend edibles to customers with varying tolerance levels and when to suggest that customers speak with a physician first.



Section 1: Types of edibles

Section 2: The differences between edibles

Section 3: The benefits of edibles

Section 4: Time to effect and impairment type

Section 5: Challenges with edibles

Section 6: Edible induced psychosis

Section 7: Recommending edibles