Dispensary Customer Service


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Instructor: Trichome Institute
Hours: 1
Prerequisites: None

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When serving customers in a dispensary knowing the basics of customer service can be the difference between whether or not a customer returns to your facility. Even with the greatest product available, if the people serving cannabis are not making the experience enjoyable for the consumer, sales will suffer. Taking a page from the service industry, the Trichome Institute shows current and prospective sales associates the proper ways to conduct themselves in a professional dispensary setting.

Upon completion students will…

  • Be comfortable with a variety of behaviors pertaining to good customer service.
  • understand the need to make a reasonably accurate assessment of a customer’s cannabis tolerance level, comfort level and experience with cannabis to provide good customer service.
  • The student will be able to recognize the goals of each customer in order to recommend safe and appropriate products and consumption levels.



Section 1: You Know Cannabis, But…

Section 2: A Customer Walks into a Dispensary…

Section 3: Back to the Basics of Customer Service

Section 4: A Note on the Use of Slang