Consumer Tolerance


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Instructor: Trichome Institute
Hours: 1
Prerequisites: None

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Understanding what consumer tolerance is and how to gauge the tolerance of a consumer are very important to the proper administration of cannabis. Without this understanding it would be very easy for products far too potent to be offered to an unassuming consumer. By breaking tolerance levels down in an easy to understand 4 tier explanation, the Trichome Institute has made understanding consumer tolerance simple. The Trichome Tolerance scale is a particularly effective tool for novice cannabis consumers to understand what increased tolerance looks like.

Upon completion students will…

  • Be able to explain to consumers how tolerance develops based on the amount, frequency and potency of the cannabis consumed.
  • Be able to demonstrate how to use the Trichome tolerance scale to estimate tolerance, proper dosing and ensure customer safety.
  • Be able to assess the factors affecting tolerance variations for the full range of consumers from new to experienced.



Section 1: What is Tolerance?

Section 2: Using the Tolerance Scale

Section 3: Understanding Level 0: No Tolerance

Section 4: Understanding Level 1: Slight Tolerance

Section 5: Understanding Level 2: Moderate Tolerance

Section 6: Understanding Level 3: Strong Tolerance

Section 7: Recommend A Physician First!

Section 8: Reminder about Potency and Dosing

Section 9: Other Variables in Dosing