Safety and Regulations Certification: CO


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Instructor: THCU
Hours: 2
Prerequisites: None


Know the Rules

The Regulations, Safety & Compliance certification has a different certification for every medical/recreational regulated states. Each state, city and county has their own laws and regulations. This certification is meant to teach students the regulations, and safety procedures needed to know in order to be compliant with the local laws in Colorado State.

In this course we will discuss issues concerning marijuana’s effect on the human body, acceptable forms of Identification and other key state laws and rules affecting owners, managers, and employees.


Section 1: Application and Fees

Section 2: Business Structure and Change of Ownership

Section 3: Converting Medical to Recreational

Section 4: Retail Marijuana Stores

Section 5: Cultivation Facilities

Section 6: Products Manufacturing Facilities

Section 7: Testing Facilities

Section 8: Cultivation Facilities

Section 9: Transportation and Storage

Section 10: Business Records and Reporting

Section 11: Packaging and Labeling

Section 12: Signage and Advertising

Section 13: Enforcement

Section 14: Discipline

Section 15: Testing Program