Marijuana 101 Certification


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Instructor: THCU
Hours: 10
Prerequisites: None

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Get the Basics Down

This program introduces students to the cannabis plant, it’s history, the current laws governing it’s use, and the various methods of consumption.


Section 1: History

  • Learn about the first humans to ever use cannabis. Why it was ever made illegal in the first place, when was hash invented, who first used it as medicine and more.

Section 2: Law

  • What are the laws in your state? You will be able to learn the laws and penalties in all 50 states, with our awesome interactive sate law map.

Section 3: Medical

  • Want to know the science behind cannabis? Why is cannabis so beneficial? Also learn what health issues cannabis is recommended for.

Section 4: Edibles VS Smoking

  • Edibles affect the user much differently than smoking flower. It is important to know the effects of both and how to recommend the correct strain or product for the customer or patient.

Section 5: Hash, Wax, Oils

  • Know the different concentrates available, some old school, some new school methods taught here.

Section 6: Terpenes & Cannabinoids

  • An in-depth look into terpenes and cannabinoids, and their relationship together.