Horticulture Specialist Certification


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Instructor: Jorge Cervantes
Hours: 37

Prerequisites: Marijuana Grow Basics


Become a Master Cannabis Grower

This course, by Jorge Cervantes, is for those wanting to be experts in the craft of growing cannabis. Not only is this program more in depth about indoor commercial growing, it is has courses about concentrates, outdoor growing, and much more.


Section 1: Cannabis Life Cycle

  • Life Cycle of Cannabis, Seeds and Seedlings, Germination, Seedling Growth, Vegetative Growth, Pre-flowering, Flowering, Mother Plants, Clones, Three Gardens, Indoor Gardens, Greenhouse Gardens, Outdoor Gardens

Section 2: Seed and Seedlings

  • Seeds, Seed Germination , Water, Temperature, Air and Oxygen, How to Germinate Seeds Step-by-Step, Germinate, Old and Stressed Seeds, Germinate Hard Shelled Seeds, How to Plant Seeds Step-by-Step, Grow More Females from “Regular”Seed , How to Help Ensure Female Seedlings, Seedlings , Finding Seeds , Medical Gardeners, Seeded Medical Cannabis, Medical Cannabis Dispensary, Legal Cannabis Seed Store, Storing seeds

Section 3: Vegetative Growth

  • Transplanting, Transplanting Step-by-Step, Bending, Trellises & Ties, Pruning, Outdoor vs. Indoor Pruning, No Pruning, Remove Lower Branches, Remove All But 4 Main Branches, Remove All But Main Stem, Pinching Branch Tips, Super-Cropping , FIM Technique, Root Pruning, Grafting, Grafting Step-by-Step, Stress

Section 4: Clones and Cloning

  • Pos/Neg. Clone vs. Seeds, Mother Plants, Preparing to Clone, Integrity in Parents, Easy/Difficult to Clone Plants, Precautions, Rooting Hormones, Before Starting, Cloning Step-by-Step, Caring for Clones, Cloning Techniques, Aero-cloner, Scraping the Stem, Air Layering, Micro Propagation, Cloning for Sex, Cloning a Flowering Female, Storing Clones

Section 5: Flowering

  • Florigen, Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis, Stress and Sex, Pre-flowering, Male Pre-flowering, Male Flowering, Male Flowers, Female Pre-flowering, Female Flowering, Buds and Nugs, Colas and Foxtails, Clayx, False Calyx and Bracts, Seed Crop, Flowering, Sinsemilla Flowering, Rejuvenation

Section 6: Harvest, Drying, and Curing

  • Before Harvest, Leaves, Male Harvest, Seed Crops, Sinsemilla Harvest, Harvest Step-by-Step, Manicuring, Drying, Drying Small Harvests, Drying Large Harvests, Drying Time, Curing, Air Curing Step-by-Step, Fast Drying, Water Curing Step-by-Step, Dry Ice Curing Step-by-Step, Packaging, Storage, What to Do with Moldy Crop

Section 7: Garden Rooms

  • Carbon Footprints, Closed (Sealed) Rooms, Setting up the Garden Room Step-by-Step, Setting up HID Lamps, Water Source & Reservoir, Install Hydroponic/Soil Garden, Room Systems Check

Section 8: Air

  • Temperature, Humidity, Measuring and Controlling Relative Humidity, Air Movement, Stomata, Air Circulation, Air Ventilation, Intake Air, Filtering Intake Air Filters, CO2 Enrichment, Measuring CO2, Producing CO2, CO2 Emitter Systems, CO2 Generator Systems, Other Ways to Make CO2, Fermentation, Dry Ice, Baking Soda & Vinegar, Fragrance, Air Conditioners, Deodorizers, Negative Ion Generators, Ozone Generators, Air Filters, HEPA Standard for Filters, Activated Charcoal Filters, Setting Up a Ventilation System, Size of Vent Fan, Ventilation System Step-by-Step Setup

Section 9: Light – Lamps & Electricity

  • Ultraviolet (UV-a, UV-b, UV-c), Light Intensity, Inverse Square Law, Measuring Light, Photoperiod, Indoor and, Greenhouse Garden Lamps, HID Lighting Systems, HID Ballasts, Analog (Magnetic) Ballasts, Electronic Ballasts, Ballast Features, Ballast Safety, HID Bulbs, HID Bulb Maintenance, Bulb Disposal, Mercury Vapor Lamps, Metal Halide Bulbs and Ballasts, Metal Halide Bulbs, Metal Halide Ballasts, HP Sodium Bulbs and Ballasts, HP Sodium Bulbs, HP Sodium Ballasts, Conversion Bulbs, HP Sodium to Metal Halide, Metal Halide to HP Sodium, Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts Fluorescent Bulbs End of Life, Fluorescent Ballasts, Analog (magnetic) Ballasts, Electronic Ballasts, Fluorescent Fixtures, Fluorescent Bulb Disposal, Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lamps, CFL Ballasts End of Life, How to Use CFLs???, Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) Lamps, Gavita LEP Lamps, Magnetic Induction Lamps, Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps, About LED Lamps, Cost, Brilliance, Spectrum, LED Bulbs and Tubes, LED Fixtures, LED vs HID Lamps End of Life, Other Lamps, Getting the Most Artificial Light, Lamp Spacing, Side Lighting, Rotating Plants, Plant Spacing, Reflective Hoods, Horizontal Reflective Hoods, Vertical Reflective Hoods, Air-Cooled Lamp Fixtures, Water-Cooled Lamp Fixtures, No Reflective Hood, Reflective Hood Study, Reflective Light, Reflective Surfaces, Light Movers, Electricity and Safety, Electrical Wiring and Circuits, Electric Consumption, Conserve Electricity, Smart Meters, Timers and Controllers, Electric Generators

Section 10: Soils & Containers

  • Soil Tests, Plant Tissue Analysis, Texture and Types of Soil, Other Soils, Soil pH, Measuring Soil pH, Adjusting Soil pH, Raising Soil pH, Lowering Soil pH, Soil Temperature, Heating Soil, Cooling Soil, Soil Amendments, Organic Soil Amendments, Soil Mixes, Potting Soil, Mixing Potting Soils, Recycling Potting Soil, Soilless Mix, Propagation Cubes & Pellets, Used Indoor Soil Disposal, Grow Medium Problems, Organic Soil and the Soil Food Web, Salt-based Fertilizers Mulch, Different Types of Containers, Container Shape and Size, Small Containers, Large Containers, Root Pruning, Root Pruning Pots, Air Root Pruning Pots, Chemical Root Pruning, Drainage and Flushing, Container Problems

Section 11: Water & Nutrients

  • Hard Water, Softened Water, Sources of Water, Purified Water, Reverse Osmosis Water, pH, Altering Nutrient Solution pH, Raising Nutrient Solution pH, Safety Precautions, Lowering Nutrient Solution pH, How Fluids Move Within Cannabis, Osmosis, Irrigation, Nutrients, Macronutrients, Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Secondary Nutrients, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Micronutrients, Boron, Chlorine, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Silicon, Sodium, Zinc, Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Nutrients List, Mixing Fertilizers, Fertilizer / Irrigation, Schedule, Foliar Feeding, Spreader-Stickers, Spraying, Common “Nutrient” Problems, Air, Light, Heat Stress, Growing Medium, Nutrient Solution, Miscellaneous , Nutrient Troubleshooting Chart

Section 12: Hydroponics

  • Container Culture and Hydroponic Gardens, Solution culture, Media culture, Aeroponic Gardens, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Bubbleponics, Raft & Pond Culture, Transplant Clones or Seedlings and Grow, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep Flow Technique (DFT), Transplant Clones or Seedlings and Grow, Problems, Hydro-Organic, Chelates and Nutrients, Ebb and Flow Gardens, Ebb and Flow Tables, Growing Mediums, Irrigation, Deviations of Ebb and Flow, Top-Feed Gardens, Top-Feed Containers, Top-Feed Slabs, Transplanting Rockwool Cubes Onto Slabs, Vertical Top Feed Gardens, Run to Waste Gardens, Manual Run to Waste Gardens, Automated Run to Waste Gardens, Wick Gardens, Flood Wick Gardens, Aquaponics, Hydroponic Nutrients, Nutrient Solution Composition, Homemade Nutrients, Nutrient Solution pH, Nutrient Solution EC, Dissolved Oxygen, Increase Dissolved Oxygen, Solution Mixing and Maintenance, Reservoirs, Aeration, Nutrient Solution Pumps , Air Pumps, Growing Mediums, Texture, Popular Substrates, Sterilizing Substrates, Irrigation, Water Supply, Even Solution Penetration, Micro Irrigation, Container Culture and Hydroponic Nutrient Disorders

Section 13: Disease & Pests

  • Diseases and Pests, Prevention, Control, Cuttings, Seeds, and Seedlings, Leaves , Stems, Roots and Soil, Buds, Storage Fungi, Bacteria and Cont., Pests – Insects and Mites, TERMITES, CHIPMUNKS, SQUIRRELS, Pests – Mammals , Pests and Predators, Contaminants, Cleanliness and Prevention, Disease and Pest Controls, Beneficial Predators and Parasites, Magnifiers, Beneficial Insect Food, Biological Controls, Predators and Parasites, Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting Chart, Unexplained Problems, Miscellaneous diseases and disorders, Sprays and Spraying,
    Basic Spraying Rules

Section 14: Breeding

  • Qualities of Cannabis, Sexual Propagation, Classical Cannabis Breeding, Modern Cannabis Breeding, Genetic Modification, Breeding Terms, Influence of Alleles, True Breed, Hybrids, F1 Hybrid Varieties, Multi-line, Ploidy Factor, Dominant and Recessive Traits, Feminized Seeds, Environmental Stress, Alter Hormone Levels, Cross-Pollinated Crops, Inbreeding, Out-breeding, Backcrossing, Incorporating a Dominant Trait, Incorporating a Recessive Trait, Selfing, Selfing Breeding, Auto-Flowering Feminized, Making Seeds At Home, Making Seeds Step-by-Step, Seed Crop Care

Section 15: Concentrates

  • Dry Separation, Kief, Before Making Hashish, Hand Rub, Sieves, Sieves Step-by-Step, The Pollinator, Water Separation, Water Extracted Hash Morocco , 15 Bags, Washing Machine, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Dry Ice Kief, Dry Ice Kief Step-by-Step, Storing Separated Resin, Storing Separated Resin, Pressing Hashish, Pressing Small Amounts of Hash, Bottle Pressing, Mechanical Pressing, Hammering, Cannabis Concentrated Oil, Dangers and Safety, Solvents, Butane, Hexane, Acetone, Ethanol, Isopropyl, Methanol, Denatured Alcohol, Consuming Cannabis Oil, Tinctures, Cold Extraction with Ethanol, Warm Extraction with Ethanol, Cannabis Glycerin Tincture, Lotions and Salves, Cannabis Lotions, Cannabis Salves, Cannabis Slave Step-by-Step, Glycerin-based Salve, Alcohol-based Salve

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Looking to just learn about something specific from this certification program, like diseases and pests? Our individual courses are great for someone looking to brush up their knowledge or just spread out the cost of the certification program. If you successfully complete all the standalone courses in this certification program, you will be sent an email with a link to the final exam. Upon passing the final exam you will receive a certificate of completion.