Marijuana Grow Basics Certification


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Instructor: Jorge Cervantes
Hours: 19
Prerequisites: None

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Learn to Grow a Great Indoor Marijuana Crop

Based on Jorge Cervantes’ book, Marijuana Grow Basics, this interactive course has more pictures, videos, and audio than any other online cannabis course and is designed to give indoor growers enough information to cultivate great crops, but not so much information that they are overwhelmed by horticultural concepts. Taking this course is like going on a tour of the 150 different grow rooms that Jorge visited to collect information and photos for this class.


Section 1: Introduction

  • ABCs of Growing Indoors
    Seeds, Clones, A Space to Grow, Temperature Control, Air Circulation, Air Ventilation, Light, Water and Drainage, Hydroponics, Soil, Cannabis Life Cycle and Indoor Growing Introduction, Seedling Growth, Vegetative Growth, Pre-flowering, Flowering, Flowering Male Plants, Flowering Female “Sinsemilla” Plants, Seed Crops, Mother Plants, Clones.
  • Security!
    Security Hit List, Thermal Image Technology, More Security Details, Electricity, Fragrance, Noise, Lifestyle.

Section 2: How a Plant Grows

This section takes you through the entire process from seed or clone through harvesting, manicuring, and storing the finished product.

  • Seeds and Germination
    Germinating and Planting Seeds, Moisture, Warmth, Air (Oxygen), Cannabis Strains, Step-by-Step: Germination and Planting, Potential Problems, How to Obtain Seeds, Seed Ordering Security, Seized Seeds, Seed Quantities and Pricing, Feminized Seeds, Receiving Seeds, Storing Seeds, Seedlings, Transplanting Seedlings.
  • Vegetative Growth
    When to Induce Flowering, Pre-flowering, Male Pre-flowering, Female Pre-flowering.
  • Flowering
    Male Flowering, Female Flowering, Sinsemilla Flowering, Intersex or Hermaphrodite Flowers.
  • Clones and Mother Plants
    Mother Plants, Get Ready to Take Clones, Rooting Mediums, Rooting Hormones, Step-by-Step: Cloning, Transplanting.
  • Harvesting
    Before Harvest, Harvest, Harvesting Leaves, Male Harvest, Sinsemilla Harvest, Too Early! Early Harvest, Peak Harvest, Late Harvest, Step-by-Step: Harvest, Manicuring, Drying, Curing and Storage.

Section 3: Grow Gear

Learn all the things necessary to grow a good crop and how to use them. Here is what we cover in this module.

  • Grow Gear
    Light and Lamps, Fluorescent Tubes, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Lamps, HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps, Metal Halide Lamps, HP Sodium Lamps, Conversion Lamps, Reflective Hoods, Reflective Walls, More Light, Air, Air Ventilation, Air Circulation, Air Ducting, Air Temperature and Humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Enrichment, CO2 Emitter Systems, CO2 Generator Systems, Fragrance, Masking Agents, Activated Carbon Filters, Water, pH, EC/PPM, Bad Water, Moving Water, Draining Water, Hydroponics, Nutrient Solutions, Hydroponic Systems, Passive · Active · Ebb and flow · Deep water culture · Top-feed · Nutrient film technique · Aeroponic, Reservoirs, Soil & Soilless Mixes, Potting Soil, Soilless Mixes, Soil Mixes.

Section 4: Growing the Crop

This section shows you how to set up your grow room step by step. We also walks you through a twelve week grow cycle step by step. Here is everything we cover.

  • Grow Cabinets, Closets, and Rooms
    Location, Budget, Constructing a Grow Closet, Tools, Step-by-Step: Construction, Growing in the Room, Strain, Clones or Seedlings, Light, Atmosphere, Soil or Hydroponics, Size of Container, Water, pH, Fertilizer, Twelve Week Grow Scenario.

Section 5: Grow Room Examples

I walk you through examples of 52 specific gardens. Here is what you can expect to tour, plus bonus gardens!

  • Ten Clone Rooms
  • Twenty Small Grow Rooms
  • Twenty Large Grow Rooms
  • Four Commercial Grow Closets

Section 6: Pests, Diseases, Problems

This module is dedicated to pests, diseases, and troubleshooting your crop. Here is everything we will go over.

  • Pests, Diseases, and Problems
    Misdiagnosed Disorders, Pests and Diseases, Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Fungus Gnats, Gray Mold (Botrytis) , Damping-off, Green Algae, Downy Mildew, Root Rot, Spraying.