Cannabis Business Certification


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Instructor: The Weed Business
Hours: 13
Prerequisites: None

Build a Sustainable Cannabis Business

This course provides basic guidelines to ensure that your business will not only be legitimate, but will also be a valuable community asset providing an essential service. Many dispensary owners have even found themselves in a position to expand the positive social impact of their business to other community members through paying taxes and raising awareness of the positive aspects of the industry.

If your goal is to cover all of the basics and get a good understanding of what it means to be a professional in the marijuana industry then these are by far the most all-encompassing yet straight forward guides you’ll find anywhere.


Section 1: Starting a Dispensary

  • Get tips from the experts, learn about opportunities and the industry culture.

Section 2: Laws and Taxes

  • Why tax and regulate, why this is a growing trend and learn what hoops you must jump through to operate legally.

Section 3: Business Ownership

  • Learn about funding, advertising, licenses needed in Washington and Colorado, business types and much more.

Section 4: Regulations

  • The cannabis industry is possibly the most regulated, often having to deal with multiple government agencies that manage health, location/zoning, security and much more.

Section 5: Edibles

  • Learn the basics for starting an edibles company.

Section 6: Delivery

  • Not legal in a lot of places, but it’s a great idea for those who don’t want to manage a store front.