Budtender Certification


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Instructor: Trichome Institute
Hours: 7
Prerequisites: None


Become a Certified Budtender

Budtender Training, by Trichome Institute, is designed to instruct dispensary staff on key business issues, such as legal, scientific, and medical applications of cannabis. The course also includes how to identify strains, understand the different cannabis products, provide good customer service, and conduct the establishment’s business in a safe and legal manner.

The Budtender is the front line of the cannabis industry. Budtenders provide the link between the ever-developing cannabis industry and the consumer. Budtenders have the responsibility of understanding cannabis products in depth and their diverse effects.

Budtenders are professional individuals with the duty to facilitate safety and legality in the cannabis industry. The modern budtender is educated, passionate about cannabis, and eager to provide an informative, safe, and pleasurable experience to the consumer.


Section 1: Consumer Tolerance

    What is Tolerance, using the tolerance scale, understanding tolerance levels 0, 1, 2 and 3, recommending a physician first, variables in potency and dosing

Section 2: Cannabis Flower – Smoke and Vapor

    Cannabis flower: smoking and vaporizing, handheld vaporizers and vape pens, timeline to impairment, mental and physical effects – Matching Strains, Listen to Your Consumer -The Experimental Phase – Again, Everyone Is Different

Section 3: Edibles

    Types of edibles and differences between them, benefits of edibles, time to effect, impairment type, challenges with edibles, edible induced psychosis, recommendations

Section 4: Hash and Concentrates

    What is hash, a short history of hash, who uses hash and concentrates and why, dabbing: what it is and how you do it, safe concentrates for dabbing, extracted concentrate: wax, crumble, honeycomb, shatter, budder, hash oil, CO2, live resin: is it the best concentrate, rosin: is it the cleanest and safest concentrate, kief, water hash, testing for residual solvents at home and in the lab

Section 5: Sublingual, Transdermal and Topical

    Why alternatives, what are the product differences, who are these products for, sublingual, transdermal, topical administration

Section 6: Product Weight and Conversions

    The metric/american mash-up, the Colorado cannabis weight standard, need to know the weight units, scales and calibrations, potency conversions, how much product can you sell, example problem, conversion tables

Section 7: Customer Service

    Dispensary basics, customer service best practices, a note on the use of slang

Register for Individual Courses

Looking to just learn about something specific from this certification program, like consumer tolerance or sublinguals? Our individual courses are great for someone looking to brush up their knowledge or just spread out the cost of a certification program. If you successfully complete all the courses in this certification program, you will be sent an email with a link to the final exam. Upon passing the final exam you will receive a certificate of completion.