Based on Jorge Cervantes’ book, Marijuana Grow Basics, this interactive course has more pictures, videos, and audio than any other online cannabis course and is designed to give indoor growers enough information to cultivate great crops, but not so much information that they are overwhelmed by horticultural concepts. Taking this course is like going on a tour of the 150 different grow rooms that Jorge visited to collect information and photos for this class.
Grow Basics Certification

Instructor: Jorge Cervantes
Hours: 3
Prerequisites: None

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  1. I received the conformation email that you received payment but it said nothing about how to activate the class or anything further. Do I get a full year from the time the class is released or a year from the date I paid?

  2. I just passed the grow basics exam. So, I’m coming from the point of view of someone who has actually gone through the Grow Basics course. I had little to no knowledge of growing anything, but as advertised, this course was structured to be effective at teaching you the basics. I now know things like the kind of plant a cannabis plant is, basic plant strains, considerations in growing from seed or clones, the plant life cycle, environmental factors, grow gear and setups, deficiencies-pest and disease recognition and control, (what to do about it). This wasn’t a bunch of horticultural theory and fragmented techno-scientific psycho babble, this course presented the basics of what you need to know in a clear, easy to follow path. Learning is work, but I think this topic couldn’t have been covered much simpler. I’m no brainiac, so this had to be well done to take me from knowing little more than “you have to water plants” to understanding how to effectively grow a cannabis plant as a product. Well Done! and Thank You . . . 🙂

  3. awesome information, got 25 out of the 26 questions right due to slip of the hand but that’s no problem. there are a few errors in spelling and the pests and disease section is missing information on how to kill powdery mildew. it just says “kill with”.

  4. Take your time, read the book first, I used my kindle. The wording on some time frame aspects for certain stages can be confusing. However, after reading the book and then going through the online course, this was a good basic intro to growing.

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