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FAQs for Students

Getting Started

Access your registered courses by clicking on the ‘My Course’ link found at the top of the site after you login. Start by clicking on the course/program that you are interested in. There might be courses that you need to take first before you can take up another course/program. For example, the Grow Basics course is a prerequisite before you can take the Horticulture Specialist program.

Make sure to always click the ‘Mark Complete’ button right after you are done with the lesson so you will be taken to the next course.

Taking the quizzes

Pre-quizzes can be restarted right away if you fail. But on the last/final quiz, you only have one chance to complete the test. You need to pass the last/final quiz with a score of at least 90%. If you fail, you will have to wait 1 or 2 days to reset your quiz attempt.

Printing Certificate

Once you pass the exam, you will be taken to the graduation page and you will also be provided with a link to print your certificate. You will also have the option to print your certificate in a framed poster. You can request a printed certificate by visiting here: Request Certificate

If you fail to print your certificate on the graduation page, you can always access it by going to ‘My Course’> Click on ‘Expand All’> Go to the course where you have already passed and you should see a certificate icon to every passed last/final quiz.

Accessing the Jobs Board

When you pass and complete one course/program, you will receive an email with your Cannabis Jobs Board login details. THC University’s Cannabis Jobs Board is exclusive only for THCU graduates and for cannabis employers. You can visit the website here: Cannabis Jobs Board 


New courses/programs:


Cannabis Business Assessment is now available.

Ebooks for Grow Basics and Horticulture Specialist are now available.