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How THC University Works

Register as a student & enroll in courses

Once enrolled as a student you can enroll in certification programs and start learning immediately. You also get access to 24 hour student support, monthly webinars, and grow support.

Learn at your own pace

Every student has 24/7 access to courses so you can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. We’ve also partnered with industry experts, like Jorge Cervantes, to bring you high quality courses that you won’t find anywhere else.

Take quizzes and get certified

Take quizzes to put your knowledge to the test and prove that you’re one of the top candidates in the industry. Once you pass the final exam we’ll send you a certificate of completion and you’ll get access to our exclusive student jobs board.

Start your new career

We’ve created the world’s largest cannabis jobs board exclusively for THCU certified students. Plus, graduates get a free resume and interview consultation.

Certification Programs


Marijuana 101 Certification

This program is an introduction to the cannabis plant, it’s history, the current laws governing it’s use, and the various methods of consumption.

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Trichome Budtender Certification

This program, by Trichome Institute, is designed to instruct dispensary staff on how to identify strains, understand the different cannabis products, provide good customer service, and conduct the establishment’s business in a safe and legal manner.

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Grow Basics Certification

This program, by Jorge Cervantes, is an introductory grow course for those who would like a baseline of grow knowledge or for those who want to start a home grow.

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Horticulture Specialist Certification

An in-depth grow course, by Jorge Cervantes, for those wanting to become experts in the craft of growing cannabis.

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Cannabis Business Certification

This program provides basic guidelines on how to run a legitimate business, market your business online, and how to become a valuable community asset.

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Colorado Safety and Regulations Certification

This program covers acceptable forms of Identification and other key state laws and rules affecting owners, managers, and employees.

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Washington Safety and Regulations Certification

This program covers acceptable forms of Identification and other key state laws and rules affecting owners, managers, and employees.

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Cannabis Products Certification

Instructs medical and cannabis professionals on key cannabis product issues such as legal, scientific, and medical applications of cannabis.

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Student Perks

Expert Webinars

Exclusive courses and live student Q&A sessions with industry experts like Jorge Cervantes.

Free Book & DVD

Professional monthly students receive a free copy of Jorge Cervantes’ book, Grow Basics, and DVD, Cannabis Expeditions.

Cannabis Jobs Board

The Cannabis Jobs Board features THC University graduate resumes and sends top graduates resumes to thousands of employers.

Exit Interview

Graduates receive a complimentary exit interview with one of our counselors.

Resume Consult

Graduates receive a complimentary resume consultation.

What Students are Saying

I have to admit, I was nervous just starting out, but all of my guy friends who grow were very impressed with my first crop. Who knew this girl has a green thumb! They said it took them years to do what I am doing, and I have everyone at THC University to thank.

Allison B. – Grow Basics Student

I was pleased by the content and the ease of use and navigation. This will become a widely used tool by Healthy Headie Lifestyle.

Steve E. – Co-Founder and VP of Healthy Headie Lifestyle

What a great way to occupy my weekend. I’m getting out of the Marine Corps soon so I’m glad I can study for my future. I’m being medically retired for my PTSD and multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries. I especially loved those slides. I need all the hope I can get.

Sgt. Major in the Marines – Budtender Student
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